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 We believe that to live your best life possible, you need to be physically, spiritually, and financially safe. Your self-esteem is supported through positive social connections that are enhanced in healthy relationships.

Online classes offered for individuals and small groups.

Lessons are tailored to specific needs and center around "Your safety." "Who are you?" What is it that you would like in relationships?" "How to build and investigate relationships?" Contact Diana for more information: diana@talkcounts.com


Special Needs Community


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This workbook is for teens and adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities. Through activities, cartoons, and many scenarios the workbook teaches how to investigate and build friendships and relationships safely over periods of time. The workbook provides the reader with thoughtful and proactive steps necessary for building healthy relationships. It reviews relationship rules and nuances to support maintaining personal safety within the community. The workbook comes with a thumbdrive which allows the user to  write in the workbook and also complete work on a computer. The thumbdrive is interactive and  the user can even select to have the workbook read out loud through the computer.


Young Adults


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This workbook was developed for all teens and young adults. Many people experience unhealthy relationships at some point in their life.  Usually these relationships stem from people ignoring inappropriate and/or abusive behaviors. One of the consequences of unhealthy relationships includes risks to personal safety that can escalate to domestic violence.  Through this workbook's activities and scenarios, the reader will learn the signs of unhealthy relationships, and how to create and maintain safe and healthy relationships. Please recommend this workbook to your friends and family members!


Lesson Plans


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 This workbook is a companion to Healthy Relationships for teens and adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities. The activities are meant to supplement and extend lessons to reinforce concepts already taught.

The workbook does come with an active thumb drive that includes larger versions of card games, audio for each chapter, and video lessons.  




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 Healthy Relationships Lesson plans THUMB Drive ONLY. We are selling it without the workbook for $10.00. 


ebook for adults

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 This is a self-help ebook for the 18 plus year old who wants to build long lasting friendships and relationships. Many people experience unhealthy relationships at some point in their life. People fall into the routine of accepting harmful behaviors because they genuinely want to  accommodate others, they think that the problem may be with them, and/or they think that they can change the behaviors. Sometimes the home environment in which people grew up involves physical and verbal violence consequently; this becomes an expectation for relationships. One of the consequences of unhealthy relationships includes risks to personal safety that can escalate to domestic violence. Through this workbook's activities and scenarios, you will learn the signs of unhealthy relationships, and how to create and maintain safe and healthy relationships. ​  

IEP meetings, special education, learning disability, academics,

IEP Workbook


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"A Guide for both parents & professionals-- Individual Education Plan Workbook for Success is the best/most practical publication for teachers to prepare for IEP meetings that I have seen in my ten years in the field.

In the world of law or business, or any human interaction, it is often cited that one right word or phrase can change the whole outcome of a meeting. This crucial fact of interpersonal relationships is not presented well in the other special education literature I have reviewed and used in my teacher credentialing programs or in the districts and NPS schools I worked.

​This book is a must read for teachers on the dynamics of IEP meetings and reading it will absolutely raise your chance of a successful meeting exponentially! I have never had a 'bad' IEP meeting and part of that success comes from having followed the common sense but not-before published/taught principles of meeting communication/preparation that I learned in 20 years of working with Fortune 500 companies."
Bob Plunkett Special Education Teacher


For military families


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 Getting a family ready for deployment is no easy task, especially when there are young children in the family. This activity book provides strategies to support families who are preparing for deployment. The audience is for families with children ages two to four and many of the recommended strategies can also be used with older children.

The book also includes a section called "FLAGS" which provide activities and suggestions for the adults to support healthy relationships while a loved-one is away.

Focus on your Relationship
Listen and Plan for the Deployment
Act to Stay Connected
Get Support
Share your stories

This book is on sale through this web-site for only $10.00 as a tribute to our military families.


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Responsive and Interactive

  “This book is full of interesting and relevant information on building healthy relationships.  The format is easy to use and helps readers make valuable connections to their personal lives.  Healthy Relationships can have a tremendous impact on the lives of impressionable young adults.”
Amy Summers-Special Education Teacher 

Easy to Remember Strategies

  “Healthy Relationships is very well thought-out. In fact, I found myself not just reading but really paying attention to the tips in the book and storing them in my brain to use when I confront a friendship/dating situation in my life. I also found myself answering the questions in the book as they apply to me. I thought the acronym (SNAIL) and the different steps were useful and will help people who encounter these situations in life.” 
Elizabeth Alper-Student 

User Friendly

 “This is a very useful book, I am using it with the young adult minded women, ages 24 to 43, in the group home in which I work. The workbook format makes it easy to guide them through concrete steps to support forming lasting friendships and relationships. They often refer back to the book when they have questions and enjoy repeating activities. The chapter on safety has changed everyone’s perspective on how to navigate relationships. The women are much more mindful of protecting their safety and now have exit plans established. Thank you!”
Beverley Alanjary- Group Home Advisor 

Immediately Usable

 “The information in this book is useful and easily applicable to every day experiences. It is hard to maintain friendships. By completing the activities and following the SNAIL tips, building life-long friendships becomes more doable.”
Cierra Bantz- Student 

Publisher Daily Reviews. com

  In the groundbreaking self-help manual called Healthy Relationships, the authors — renowned specialists in clinical psychology and special education — put forth an easy-to-follow and common sense guide that literally has the power to change lives.
      This is a workbook-based, self-guided introduction to a remarkable process — the discovery and exploration of your inner worth and how you can nurture its growth while maintaining close relationships.
     In the section entitled “Understanding Your Relationship With Yourself,” you will learn that by looking carefully in your inner “mirror” on a regular basis, you will come to appreciate everything you bring to all your relationships — at home, at work, and elsewhere.
     In another segment, communication is revealed as an essential element in keeping lines open with others, and expressing how you truly feel. There’s even a handy checklist that facilitates communication between you and whomever you choose, making sure the conversation stays honest and, above all, constructive.
     Scattered throughout, there are SNAIL Wisdoms — bite-sized nuggets of advice to help you steer clear of possible problems. For example, here’s one on cyber awareness:
     “Remember, a person that you meet over Social Media is an acquaintance until you meet him/her in person, meet his/her family, friends, and get to know him/her over time.”
Such sage and timely advice will keep you from jumping into a relationship too quickly — and too deeply. The authors go on to carefully delineate between what constitutes an “acquaintance” and a   “friend,” so you can avoid costly misunderstandings down the road.
     In a key section entitled “Knowing What You Want in Friendships,” you’ll be able to sort through characteristics and attributes you may find appealing in others. Again, there’s a simple checklist with which you can create a profile of the kind of person you might best be paired with as a friend. Should they be “outgoing, with high energy,” “friendly and energetic,” or “shy and reserved?” Answering questions like these up front can mean the difference between success and failure in a budding friendship.
     Finally, creating Shared Goals can help lay the groundwork for communicating needs, wants, fears, and other aspects of your vision of a shared future to your partner, significant other, or just plain friend. This is the foundation upon which you can most effectively build toward tomorrow.  
     The last section is an exhaustive and invaluable guide to avoiding unhealthy relationships — which, in many cases, can be worth the price of the workbook alone. The Five Deal Breakers will tell you explicitly the kinds of behavior and traits that can raise both “pink flags,” and “red flags” to warn against beginning or continuing a flawed or toxic relationship.
     Five stars to Healthy Relationships. This could very well be the most important book you’ll ever read. 

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